Learning Made Better

Leadership Team

Rachel Young
Rachel began her career in health promotions as an early champion of the wellness movement. She got her start in the mortgage industry in 2002, facilitating general clerical and process improvements. Between projects, she helped launch a multi-state mortgage company and now handles our planning and strategy needs.

CJ Rice
In 1983, after a stint in aerospace, CJ began his mortgage career in Los Angeles, working as a lead generator for a hard money lender. He learned the ropes the old fashioned way, through trial and error. Because of that formative experience, CJ became a process evangelist. He believed that success is repeatable. That sound practices and processes produce consistently excellent results - and that learning and development are essential to that end. Over the years, his responsibilities have ranged from sales and general management to change management and learning and development primarily within the fintech and mortgage domains. In addition to originating mortgages for over 20 years, CJ has authored numerous NMLS approved courses. He has instructed thousands of students on mortgage origination, compliance, project management, leadership, communications, and sales management.